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    I started working on this again in July durning lockdown. Just a couple of hours here there.

    I changed the graphical style to match the older Flug games (namely 1 and TMS), with the use of square tiles, and I’ve used simple textures for the backgrounds etc. I spent essentially one evening creating all of the tiles and background for the levels, and about a day on each level in total. It’s not exactly what I expected a new Flug game to be (especially back in 2014 when I thought it would be like HFA)… but I think I’ve capture what Flug is supposed to be.

    It’s a reboot of sorts, so I intend to create a Flug 2 and 3 too.

    There’s 8 levels, 9 bosses, + 2 more levels and 2 more bosses if you collect all the gems.

    This is version 0.9 as I intend to work more on it… there’s a few bugs and it needs polishing etc.

    Download url: https://www.fusion2k.co.uk/Flug%20The%20Slug%202020%20-%200.9%20BETA.zip

    I’ll upload it to itch.io too, my intention is for it to be free but with a donate button, then eventually get a newer version on Steam.

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